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To begin with - beauty and aesthetics are like an elixir of life. That's why I love design and decoration. I like to design and beautify the daily environment, because it makes life more valuable, more intense, and more enjoyable, just like chocolates taste better and you enjoy them more consciously when they are beautifully shaped and come out of a noble designed box.


My first love was the ocean - That's why I would like to invite you to dive with me into Mer Rosée - hopefully you will find a pearl.

Mer Rosée in French means "dewy sea" as well as "rosy sea". It is a poetic name, deliberately chosen. 

Rosé as a color is delicate, light, lovely, gentle, feminine, rosy, sensitive, spring-like, and more noble than pink and more discreet than pink. In addition, rosé is the color of ballet, previously I incorporate inspiration for my designs. So, the color rosé represents the character of my Resort-Wear.

Also, Mer Rosée associates a sea of roses, which my Rose-Couture also incorporates into the name. 

So, under this name I launched a Resort-Wear line and a Rose-Couture line. It is my declaration of love and hommage to the sea.


Resort-Wear is all about breezy, light beach dresses, swim dresses and swim caps that bring the elegance of the 50's back to the beach and pool.

My Resort-Wear for women is inspired by ballet, cozy pyjama style and retro looks.

With this I give our next cover- our clothes - coziness, an aesthetic line, and an elegant design.


Ballet is about a beautiful body line and aesthetics. So, my clothes should also flatter the body in silhouette and lengthen the lines. Details like ruchings, gatherings and peplums will give it the beloved ballet-look.

Cozy Pyjama Style is all about the comfort, softness, and quality of the fabric you wrap yourself in. That's why I prefer organic fabrics.  

Retro-Look is about design and shape. I use shapes from the 20's, 50's and 60's, as well as historical elements like trains, empire waist and quilting techniques that allow a beautiful relief formation.  

In my Rose-Couture line, I make elaborate hand-sewn rose ornaments that embellish and decorate wedding gowns, bridal veils, hair accessories, clothing, lingerie, or even interiors as appliqués.

I also offer French Memory Boards, which are elaborately handmade and decorated with tassels, ruffles or with rose ornaments.

You will receive an exclusive work of handicraft art.

Mer Rosée stands for a noble, stylish, filigree design, for "La Vie en Rose", for a sensual, sensitive, and dreamy world.

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